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Commercial operations involving THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. products are subject to the following General Conditions of Sale, which will be reflected on corresponding order confirmations, commercial invoices for THE HEMP GROUND, S.L., products also including express reference to the following General Conditions of Sale:


Orders will be accepted in writing, by email or telephone and will only be binding once accepted by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. by way of an order confirmation by any of the means described above. The Client should check the order confirmation and immediately notify us of any errors. Otherwise, the product description in the order confirmation will become part of this Contract and will be binding on the parties.

Orders will be subject to availability and acceptance by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L., who may reject the order at any time and at their sole discretion. Quotations, or financial offers, will only be valid if in writing and in the term indicated therein. In the event that no term is specified, this will be 30 days.


THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. reserves the right to interrupt supply temporarily or permanently in the event of exceptional circumstances that hamper the full or partial fulfilment of the obligations of the seller. In this case, this Contract will be cancelled without the buyer having the right to demand compensation from the seller for any possible harm or damage.

Likewise, THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. reserves the right to cancel the order at any time due to objective circumstances beyond the control of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L.

The Products, which are described below and on THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. website, may be modified.

1. HOME:

1.1. Description.

THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. commercialises the flowers and high-quality biomass obtained from selected industrial hemp. Its cultivation in the Maresme region, near Barcelona, along with our technical knowledge, guarantee high-quality production, which we sell to national and international companies in accordance with local legislation.

At THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. we attach special importance to sustainable and pesticide-free products, which not only guarantee an exclusive quality standard, but also exceptionally high CBD levels. Compliance with legal regulations regarding THC levels forms part of our philosophy.

We are your point of access to high-quality industrial hemp.

1.2. Quote.

«Hemp does not need chemicals, and few herbs or insects affect it…»

(Herer, Jack / Bröckers, Mathias: El cáñamo y la conspiración de la marihuana: el emperador está desnudo (Hemp and the marijuana conspiracy: the emperor is naked) [11th edition]. Spain: Castellarte, 2002, p. 15).


2.1. Description of the Products.

The hemp growers whose products we offer produce several tonnes of industrial hemp each year. At THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. you can acquire any part of the plant, from the valuable hemp flowers to the biomass, and we organise national and international shipments for our clients.

Some of the most prestigious companies from the medical, cosmetic, textile, food supplement and animal food sectors use industrial hemp in their products.

The market for industrial hemp is growing continuously and demand is constantly rising.

2.2. Only the best.

Each season, our hemp growers select the plants with the best characteristics for cultivation. We thus guarantee high and constant quality. The merchandise of our hemp growers stands out for its high levels of CBD. Furthermore, we place special emphasis on maintaining THC levels below the legally permitted local limit. These excellent levels enable us to export our industrial hemp to different countries, always respecting local legal levels.

We carry out very strict tests to maintain our high quality standard.


3.1. Uses.

At THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. we know that industrial hemp is a very versatile raw material that grows very quickly and contributes something to the environment: it cleans the air, regenerates the soil and barely needs chemicals for its cultivation or subsequent transformation.

In maritime navigation, the hemp plant has been used since the Vth century B.C. Sails, ropes and most of the sailors’ clothing were all made of hemp. As well as its use as a textile, the stalks were used as a sealing material for ships.

In China, hemp fibres have been transformed into paper since the 1st century A.D. This paper lasts for up to 100 times longer than papyrus, which has enabled ancient knowledge to be preserved on hemp paper while that written on papyrus has been lost. In the West, hemp paper began to be used in the time of Christopher Columbus. To produce hemp paper, only a fifth of the surface area cultivated to produce conventional paper is required. Thanks to the composition of its fibres, many fewer chemicals are required during its transformation.

Compared to cotton, hemp fabrics are softer, warmer more absorbent and more resistant. Until 1820, 80% of fabrics were made of hemp. This includes clothing, tents, bed clothes, rugs, curtains, blankets, nappies, towels, etc…

Most of the chemical substances used in agriculture in the USA are applied in the cultivation of cotton. Thanks to its properties, and the lack of natural elements, it is not necessary to use these substances for the cultivation of industrial hemp.

The biomass of industrial hemp can also be used as a biodegradable raw material in construction. It is possible to reduce the environmental impact not only in its acquisition, thanks to its negative CO2 balance and the possibility of growing hemp practically anywhere, reducing its transport, but also in residue management.

On the other hand, the biomass can be used as a fuel without harmful by-products, instead of oil or coal.

As well as the different uses of the natural fibres, the usefulness of the hemp flowers and seeds as a raw material should be underlined.

Hemp seeds, for example, can be transformed into biodiesel, which, as a fuel with a neutral CO2 balance offers an important alternative to diesel made from rapeseed oil. Hemp seeds may also contain important nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, and they have a high level of Omega 3 fatty acids. They are currently used in foods for human and animal consumption. A well-known website for personalised muesli, for example, offers hemp seeds as an ingredient and protein source.

The hemp flowers provide the highly valued CBD oil. This also has uses in cooking, as well as cosmetics since it helps the body to regenerate. It is for this reason that it can be found in various oils and creams, hair growth and anti-ageing creams.

Hemp has always played an important role in medicine. Its different effects can be developed in a wide variety of medications. A high CBD dose can have anti-epileptic, anti-psychotic and anti-inflammatory effects, among others.

With all these examples, we may conclude that, with sufficient creativity, there are no limits to the applications of industrial hemp.

THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. will supply you with this valuable raw material that will convert your ideas into reality.

The uses of industrial hemp are so numerous that the author and activist, Jack Herer, wagered $10,000 that no-one could refute the following statement:

«If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction, were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and stop deforestation: Then there is only one annually renewable natural resource known that is capable of providing the majority of the world’s paper and textiles; covering the world’s energy needs for transport, industry and housing; simultaneously reducing pollution, and cleaning the atmosphere… And such a substance is... the same one that did it before... Hemp, Cannabis... Marijuana!»

(Herer, Jack / Bröckers, Mathias: El cáñamo y la conspiración de la marihuana: el emperador está desnudo (Hemp and the marijuana conspiracy: the emperor is naked) [11th edition]. Spain: Castellarte, 2002, p. 13)

Meanwhile, various associations and organisations have come together and raised the prize to $100,000. The statement has yet to be refuted.

3.2. The best conditions.

The Maresme region is a coastal plain of the province of Barcelona. To the south, there are clear beaches of turquoise blue water and, to the northeast, the foothills of the Serralada Litoral mountain range. This idyllic region has strong textile, food and metallurgical industries. Agriculture and tourism play important roles in the region’s economy.

The Mediterranean climate of the Maresme region, with its balanced temperatures, fertile lands and pure air, provide the perfect conditions for the cultivation of sustainable products.

The hemp growers we work with know how to get the best from these conditions and thus achieve and maintain a very high quality.


At THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. we always endeavour to fulfil all our clients’ wishes. Our objective is to provide you with the best raw material for your product, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of your final customers. We know and value the effects of this great plant and we proudly contribute to sharing it with the world.

Best conditions

The industrial hemp we sell grows in the best climatic conditions and is cultivated with great care and without damaging the environment, without pesticides.
We guarantee high and constant quality standards.

Always by your side

As your top-of-the-range industrial hemp supplier, we are always by your side. For questions about our products, prices or about our production process, you can contact us by means of this form or the following telephone +34 933 803 329.

Guaranteed quality

Our hemp growers ensure that they only select the plants with the best properties each season. This is how we achieve extraordinarily high CBD levels and very low THC levels, below the legal limit.
The Hemp Ground guarantees you high and constant quality.

Passion in all aspects

From the selection of suitable seeds for cultivation to delivery to the final customer, we work all aspects of our company with passion and are committed to a fruitful and long-lasting collaboration.


The price of the Products will be the price established in the Offer. Payment will be made to the bank account designated in writing by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L.

THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. reserves the right to interrupt supply if any of the payment commitments acquired are not fulfilled. The place of delivery is indicated in the order confirmation. THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. reserves their right of ownership of the product in the event that the order is not fully or partially paid for. If the Client declines delivery without our prior approval, he/she will liable for any resulting costs or damages, including storage, until acceptance. Likewise, THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. will assume no liability for delays in the delivery of merchandise deriving from a lack of authorisation on the part of the bank.

THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. also reserves the right to interrupt the services(s) provided to the Client if the latter has failed to comply with any of the payment commitments acquired; said failure to pay will enable THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. to claim compensation from the Client for harm and damages in accordance with the provisions of articles 45 to 52 of the 1980 Vienna Convention regarding the international sales-purchase of goods; THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. also reserving the right to claim other amounts that satisfy the value if the loss suffered due to non-compliance (emerging damage) and income lost as a consequence of non-compliance (loss of profits), as well as other damages caused by a failure to comply with the contract.


Unless otherwise agreed, all the Products will be sent from THE HEMP GROUND, S.L.’s warehouses and returns should be made to the same place.

Delivery will be made within the approximate term indicated by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. Said terms are indicative, will not be guaranteed or binding and will be carried out in accordance with the delivery conditions agreed between the parties for each commercial operation.

THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. will not be liable for costs caused by failing to achieve delivery dates. Both ownership and risk of damage to, and/or loss of, the products will pass to the Buyer from the moment that THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. has handed the products over to the shipper or the Buyer him/herself. Said international commercial operation will be subject to the buyer’s corresponding risk cover.

THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. will not assume any liability for any loss or damage the Client may incur in the event of an unavoidable delivery delay. Ownership and the risk of loss regarding the products will transfer to the Client at the time of delivery.

In the event of discrepancies regarding the goods received, the parties agree that the corresponding incident will be opened which, in any event, will enable the products to be inspected by a person designated by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. The term of the incident cannot, under any circumstances, extend for a period that is longer than the time that the products making up the order maintain their quality characteristics.


The product may be returned with the prior approval of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. In the event of a return, the buyer should provide us with proof of receipt of the goods. In order to provide the buyer with a credit note for the returned goods, the products should be returned in a saleable condition.

In the same way, the Buyer has a minimum term of seven calendar days to withdraw from the Contract from receipt of the product. Within the EU, the Buyer has the right to return purchases made online or by other means of distance selling (by telephone, correspondence or door-to-door salesperson), within a term of 14 days to obtain a full refund.


The use of material protected by the right of intellectual property owned by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. by the Buyer (“Authorised” to use them), in other words: commercial names, logos, product names, domain names and other marks used in advertising, social media, websites, as well as the Internet in general, should respect the terms of the Legal System relating to use and enjoyment. The Authorised may not modify the appearance, structure or content of the elements that are the object of authorisation nor add other elements, following the directives established by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. management, non-compliance possibly being the basis for the imposition of a penalty.

The Authorised may only use the authorised elements in a way that does not put the reputation or image of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. at risk, in the event of a risk, THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. may withdraw authorisation for their use at any time. The trademarks, images, logos and other distinctive signs or marks identifying Products manufactured or commercialised by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. will be registered according to the legal provisions regarding intellectual property and the laws and Regulations in force.

THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. authorises the use of trademarks, images, logos and distinctive marks linked to the Products manufactured or commercialised by the Authorised during the duration of this and only for the sole purposes of identifying and promoting the Products exclusively within the limits of the object thereof and for the benefit of the Grantor. The Authorised commits to safeguarding the protection of the trademark, logo, distinctive signs and marks and to taking appropriate measures for their effective protection.

The Authorised acknowledges the use granted according to these General Conditions of Sale, the trademark, mark and photographic and/or audiovisual material do not confer property rights over the same. The Authorised commits to using the trademarks, logos, marks, and photographic and/or audiovisual material of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. peacefully and may use all the trademark names in all advertising or other activities undertaken by the Grantor within the framework of the promotion and sale of the Products.

The Authorised commits to not registering or applying for the registration of any other trademark, logos or mark of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. (or of other similar ones that may lead to confusion with those of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L.).

The Authorised will notify THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. of any violation he/she may become aware of regarding the trademarks, logos and marks and photographic and/or audiovisual material registered by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L., as well as industrial property rights (patents), that are the property of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. The Authorised is free to promote the Products on the Internet, through catalogues and other commercial promotional media but may not make use of the trademarks, logos, marks and photographic and/or audiovisual material registered by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. without having previously agreed the details of said use in writing.

The Authorised commits to: 1) Not requesting the trademarks and marks of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. as key words in search engines; 2) Not creating websites or domains with the trademarks or marks of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L.; 3) Not modifying images or documents created by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. for their subsequent publication in their catalogues or on the Internet; and, 4) The possibility of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. authorising the creation of profiles on social networks provided that THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. is the administrator. Similarly, the Authorised must commit to providing access data to said networks within a maximum term of 7 days or as required by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L.

Likewise, THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. reserves the possibility of requesting the Authorised to cancel social network profiles at any time.

The Authorised commits to, at the request of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L., withdrawing all advertising, whether printed, digital or on the Internet that contains trademarks, logos, photos or marks of THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. within a term of no longer than 30 days.


THE HEMP GROUND, S.L., in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, of 27th April 2016, regarding the protection of physical persons with respect to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data, whereby repealing Directive 95/46/CE (General Data Protection Regulation); of Law 34/2002, of 11th July, regarding information society services and electronic commerce (LSSICE) and of Law 3/2018, of 5th December, regarding the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPDGDD), we inform you that your personal data will be included in files belonging to THE HEMP GROUND, S.L., the purpose of which is the management of suppliers, clients, providing the contracted services, following up with commercial clients and other commercial communication actions.

THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. will not transfer your data to third parties except in the event of requirement, and legal demand or a demand resulting from the legal relationship. Equally, THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. informs you that transferring your data to a third country or international organisation is not foreseen.

Notwithstanding, you may, at any time, exercise your rights to access, rectify or eliminate your personal data, to limit their processing, as well as your right of portability of your personal data in the legally prescribed manner; in other words, by means of a communication sent to THE HEMP GROUND, S.L., at the address: customer.service@thehempground.com, enclosing a copy of your DNI (National ID Document)/NIE (Foreigner Identity Number)/PASSPORT.

The data will be kept for as long as the collaboration is maintained, unless you exercise your rights of control and, subsequently, for as long as necessary to comply with any legal obligation or one deriving from a pre-existing legal relationship.


The parties agree that any information exchanged, provided or created by THE HEMP GROUND, S.L. will be kept in strict confidence. The Authorised may only reveal confidential information to those that need it and who have been authorised beforehand by the party whose confidential information is involved. Confidential information is also deemed to be: a) That which, as a whole, or due to the configuration or the exact structuring of its components, is not generally known among experts in the corresponding fields; b) That which is not easily accessed; and, c) Any information not subject to reasonable protection measures, according to the circumstances of the case, in order to keep it confidential. All information sent to the Authorised is the exclusive property of the party it comes from. As a consequence, you will not use information of the other party for your own use without prior consent.


In the event of a dispute regarding the validity, execution or interpretation of this Contract, the parties commit to resolving it amicably. Notwithstanding, in the event that the parties fail to reach an agreement through negotiation, the intervening parties expressly agree that any litigation, dispute, query or claim resulting from the execution or interpretation of this Contract or directly or indirectly relating to it, will be definitively resolved through arbitration within the framework of the Barcelona Arbitration Court (Spain), whose headquarters are in the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of (Spain), who are entrusted with administering the arbitration and the designation of arbitrators, in accordance with its Regulations and Statutes, which it will resolve by applying Spanish law.

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